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"BitDegree makes sure that I need not worry about anything but teaching, and it is a great pleasure to do so. We have built our partnership on mutual trust and respect."

Alun Hill, Instructor 9,878 students, 19 courses
alun hill
alun hill
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4.5 out of 5
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Why teach on BitDegree?

It can’t get any simpler - share your passion and earn by doing so. Our tools are at your command. Upload the intro video and we’ll guide you from there.

99% revenue share

Reach new audience

Accept crypto currencies

Easy upload from Google Drive

Simple to use interface for instructors and students

Cutting edge technology to protect your content

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the best teachers

alex genadinik
Alex Genadinik 19,875 students, 40 courses
alun hill
Alun Hill 9,878 students, 19 courses
john bura
John Bura 5,420 students, 11 courses
Suppoman 13,661 students, 2 courses
mark lassoff
Mark Lassoff 11,120 students, 13 courses
yohann taieb
Yohann Taieb 11,271 students, 19 courses
mark price
Mark Price 9,473 students, 23 courses

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How it works

1. Create a Course

We got you covered. Personal assistance and Instructors academy will help create a perfect online course.

2. Share it With Students

Marketing tools designed to help you teach online! Send newsletters, share on social media, issue scholarships, create promo codes, you name it.

3. Get Paid

Get paid while you sleep. We do all the heavy lifting, while you do what you do best - teach online. Your success matters to us.

We got you covered

Our live chat support is ready to onboard and guide you through the process of creating your first course. Instructors academy resources will teach you how to create, teach online courses and promote them. Become an online teacher, reach students and earn.

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BitDegree is challenging the status quo

We have made our platform teacher-oriented. Why? Because in education, the teachers come first. When the teachers are happy, the students win - simple as that. That’s what teaching online is all about.

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Revenue share
Revenue share Up to 99% Up to 97%
Payment terms
Payment terms Upon request 30 days after the end of the month
Course Management
Course Management Custom thumbnails by BitDegree
Personal Assistant
Help with course descriptions
Strict thumbnails regulation
No Additional Support
Support response time
Support response time Within 24 hours, Live chat 1-2 business days
Marketing BitDegree Marketing Budget for instructors Reduced revenue share when marketed
Personal attention
Personal attention Personal Assistant
Feedback about your course
Test video evaluation
Blockchain Accepts cryptocurrencies
Token scholarships
Token incentives
Early bird opportunities
Early bird opportunities Easy to become a market leader
Become a part of feedback loop
Saturated, mature market
No attention to feedback
Content protection
Content protection Protected Exposed to theft

Already have a course?

Relax, we’ll make sure you can teach online smoothly!

  • Share a DropBox, Google Drive or any other folder and we will upload it to BitDegree platform.
  • We will create a thumbnail for your course.
  • We will write a unique description for your course.
  • We will give you feedback on what can be improved.
  • We will provide other online teaching guidance.
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