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Northwestern Courses: Accessible Online

Online courses are becoming increasingly popular, especially now that we’re dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. While there are thousands of courses available, people are aiming to find the very best ones, university-level courses that would provide them with real value. Northwestern courses are among the most searched for. 

Northwestern University was founded in 1851 and is ranked among the top institutions of higher education. There are 20 Nobel Prize laureates, 40 Pulitzer Prize winners, 1 Fields medalist, and other highly-achieved people among the Northwestern University alumni, and that’s one of the major reasons why so many students want to join this university. 

Now, not everyone can become a part of the Northwestern community, however, everyone can choose from the available Northwestern courses online and gain valuable knowledge. You can access the majority of the top-rated Northwestern courses on Coursera - a leading online learning platform

To find the best Northwestern courses, I’ve considered a number of students who have already enrolled, their reviews as well as the rating of each and every one of them. This way, I managed to distinguish the top 7 Northwestern online courses

The courses that we will cover today include: 

You can jump straight to each of the courses and find the most suitable option for your needs, however, before that, there are a few aspects that should be considered. 

Northwestern Courses Online: What’s So Good About Them? 

The majority of people who graduated from a university will tell you that they spent the best years of their lives on campus - going to university, meeting new people, partying, and participating in after-class activities. However, if that’s the case, then why are so many people looking for Northwestern courses online

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Well, there are a few pretty obvious reasons for that. The very first one is the COVID-19 pandemic that’s happening right now. Due to this, an increasing number of people are choosing Northwestern courses online instead of going to classes. That’s the only way to protect yourself and others. While this is the major reason why people are choosing Northwestern online classes, it’s definitely not the only one

The second aspect - pricing. Northwestern University isn’t cheap, for 1 academic year you will pay around $50,000. I’m not saying that it’s not worth it, however, not so many people can pay as much

Northwestern courses: Northwestern University.

That’s why Northwestern online courses are so popular - you can access them on different online learning platforms and get to learn from the experts. The majority of Northwestern classes that can be found on Coursera are completely free (except for a certificate), so financial troubles won’t stop you from learning. 

Also, flexibility. If you have a full-time job that you don’t want to lose, however, want to acquire new skills and valuable knowledge, then you probably won’t find a traditional learning institution suitable for you. Instead, consider Northwestern online courses that allow you to learn anywhere and anytime you want at your own pace. This way, you can keep improving your knowledge and land a better job offer

Now that you’re aware of all the major online learning perks, it’s time to move to the best Northwestern courses that are available online and introduce you to each of them.  

What is Social? (Enroll HERE)

Northwestern courses: What is Social?

  • Price: 7-day free trial, then $49/month 
  • Certificate: Available 
  • Time to complete: 4 weeks 

The very first on our list and one of the most popular Northwestern courses is highly recommended for marketing professionals, executives and business owners who want to improve their abilities in using effective and proven methodologies for successful social strategies

This course is the very first part of the Social Media Marketing specialization that we’ll review in a further section. That’s why, if you want to deepen your knowledge in this field, you should continue learning further. 

The course consists of 9 videos, 4 readings and 2 practical exercises. You’ll be introduced to social trends, the business of social, complete a review assignment that will ask you to define an audience on social. What is more, you’ll understand the importance of big data, distinguish key differences between social media platforms and communities. 

Now, since you get an opportunity to take advantage of a 7-day free trial, you should definitely check it out. It’s one of the most popular Northwestern courses, so there are no doubts that you’ll like it. 

Start the course NOW.

Social Media Marketing Specialization (Enroll HERE)

Northwestern courses: Social Media Marketing Specialization.

  • Price: 7-day free trial, then $49/month
  • Certificate: Available
  • Time to complete: 7 months

If you want to learn how to manage your social strategies, establish your social brand, expand your audience, and even more, the Social Media Marketing Specialization is perfect for you. It consists of 6 Northwestern courses, including The Importance of Listening, Engagement & Nurture Marketing Strategies, The Business of Social, and others. 

The course will provide you with knowledge about building a social media marketing strategy and tips that can help you to become a social media influencer. Since you’ll get all the special tools together with the needed information, you won’t need to purchase additional programs to complete this specialization. 

Even though this specialization was created in 2014, it’s being regularly updated every quarter to provide students with the most up-to-date information. That being said, if you want to deepen your knowledge and land a better job offer or simply get a promotion, this specialization will provide you with all the needed information.  

Start the course NOW.

Organizational Leadership Specialization (Enroll HERE)

Northwestern courses: Organization Leadership Specialization.

  • Price: 7-day free trial, then $49/month
  • Certificate: Available
  • Time to complete: 7 months 

Want to become a leader and successfully lead your team towards achieving the major goals? The Organizational Leadership Specialization classes are for everyone who wants to learn negotiation, leadership, collaboration, and other important skills that are needed to become a good leader. 

This specialization consists of 6 Northwestern University certificate programs, including High Performance Collaboration, Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact, Leadership Through Social Influence, Leadership Through Marketing and others. Each of the courses can be accessed separately, however, if you want to acquire in-depth knowledge, it’s highly recommended to complete this specialization. 

The reason why this is one of the most-recommended Northwestern University certificate programs is because of the learner career outcomes. According to Coursera, 67% of students who completed this course started a new career. Moreover, about 20% of them managed to get a promotion or salary increase.

Now, if you want to get a certificate after completing this course, you have to complete all the tasks and projects successfully. It will require your time and efforts, however, this is the only way to gain valuable knowledge and experience.

Start the course NOW.

Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing (Enroll HERE)

Northwestern courses: Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing.

  • Price: FREE 
  • Certificate: $49
  • Time to complete: 12 weeks 

Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing is one of the most recommended Northwestern University certificate programs. The main goal of this course is to teach you image and video processing skills, however, you’ll be learning so much more. 

This course will introduce you to the basic principles and tools that are used in image and video processing. You’ll focus on a mathematical framework that will enable an opportunity to analyze images and videos as two- and three-dimensional signals

What’s crucial to mention is that in these Northwestern online classes you will not only learn theory but will also perform the main tasks, including image and video editing, compression and recovery. Moreover, you'll be using different tools as well as state-of-the-art techniques. Needless to say, this course will provide you with valuable skills that will help you in the future. 

Learner career outcomes show that 36% of students who completed this course managed to start a new career. What is more, 28% got some real career benefits. Thus, while this course takes only about 12 weeks or 36 hours to complete, it might completely change your career path. Do not hesitate to start Northwestern online classes

Start the course NOW.

High Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation (Enroll HERE)

Northwestern courses: High Performance Collaboration.

  • Price: 7-day free trial, then $49/month
  • Certificate: Available
  • Time to complete: 3 weeks

Leadership, teamwork and negotiation - three main qualities that you’ll be learning in this course. If you want to become a good company leader and know how to manage teams as well as craft negotiation strategies, The Performance Collaboration course is highly recommended. 

The course should take you about 3 weeks or 14 hours to complete. It includes three classes: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation. Each of them consists of multiple videos, readings and quizzes. In order to get a certificate for this course, you’ll have to complete every class and pass every quiz successfully. 

You can start learning completely free and check out whether or not this course is suitable for you. 

Start the course NOW.

Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact: Storytelling (Enroll HERE)

Northwestern courses: Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact.

  • Price: 7-day free trial, then $49/month
  • Certificate: Available
  • Time to complete: 4 weeks

The Leadership Communication for Maximum Impact is the second course that you’ll be learning in Organizational Leadership Specialization. Since storytelling is a major part of leadership, it’s crucial in order to become a good leader and inspire others, engage with clients, partner with potential investors and communities. 

This course should take about 4 hours to complete, it consists of multiple videos and readings as well as 1 quiz at the very end. You can learn at your own pace, whenever there’s free time. What is more, you’ll get a shareable certificate that you’ll be able to add to your CV, resume, LinkedIn profile, or other projects. 

What’s surprising is that after completing this course, 67% of students managed to start a new career, and 38% of those who completed got real career benefits. Since this course takes only 4 weeks to complete, it’s one of the most recommended Northwestern online classes. 

Start the course NOW.

The Importance of Listening (Enroll HERE)

Northwestern courses: The Importance of Listening.

  • Price: 7-day free trial, then $49/month
  • Certificate: Available
  • Time to complete: 4 weeks

The Importance of Listening course focuses on big data and social sites. You’ll be surprised to find out how much information can be extracted from a single post, image or video. 

The main aim of this course is to provide you with a deeper understanding of the data and improve your content strategies by making better decisions and noticing specific issues before they actually happen. 

Randy Hlavac, the instructor of this course, is an expert in digital marketing, social media marketing as well as social analytics. He has been working at Northwestern University for about 20 years, so you’ll be learning from a specialist in the field.

This Northwestern course is part of Social Media Marketing Specialization that I highly recommended for everyone who wants to get more extensive knowledge in the field of marketing. 

Start the course NOW.


Therefore, as promised in the very beginning, I introduced you to the top 7 Northwestern online courses, including free options as well as certificate programs. While each course will teach you different knowledge and skills, it’s recommended to choose an option based on your wants and needs

Take a look at already introduced courses once again and choose the most suitable one (or even more):  

It’s highly recommended to choose specializations as they consist of 5-6 courses that will provide you with in-depth knowledge. Since you can take advantage of a 7-day free trial, do not hesitate and start learning. 

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easy to use

I find coursera's website very easy to use and also for beginner.

social media

These courses look very appealing, even the basics like "What is social?" I think it opens our eyes to so cial media. And also then of course "Social media marketing specialization" which is a great follow up.

can I just finish course?

what if I don't want to buy certificate and just finish a course for free?

English titles

do you know if they have english titles on video? English is not my first languge and it will be very helpful

best universities

love that online learning platforms are offering programs from best universities


I see as specializations being very good for deepening your knowledge in some area, they have few courses combines so you will definitely learn something new

Importance of listening

Will send imporatnce of listening course to my coworkers, they really don't know how to listen and always interrupt I think it started when we started teleworking. That leads to many issues being simply unheard.

financial aid

I was browsing through Coursera and I saw that they are offering some financial aid, do you have more information on what that exactly is and how it works?


What if I don't finish my course by the time free trial ends?


Are Northwestern courses worth it?

Yes, Northwestern courses are highly recommended, especially when it comes to the Social Media Marketing Specialization and Organizational Leadership Specialization

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