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Top Binance Referral Code (49316610) Deals for: January 10, 2024

Verdict at a Glance

Binance is a very well-known crypto exchange platform. People choose it for all the benefits it offers, including low trading fees, a huge number of supported coins, robust security, and many more. Those are some promising features, don’t you think?

Binance Deal Active Right Now:

While some might argue that Binance could be a bit challenging for beginners due to its initial learning curve, it remains an excellent cryptocurrency exchange. This is particularly true when you secure discounts using the 49316610 Binance referral code.

Available Binance Referral Code Deals

Binance offers some exceptional discounts. However, they can be difficult to find, unless you use our Binance referral code. It provides various deals, offering everything from freebies to discounts. All you have to do is choose one! So, take a good look at your options and find the one that best suits your needs.

  • Lifetime discounts
  • Commission cashback
  • Special rewards
  • etc. 

All Binance Referral Code Deals

Although trading crypto can be lucrative, imagine enhancing your gains by using a Binance referral link that offers extra bonuses or discounts. Thanks to our team of devoted experts meticulously curating the most appealing Binance deals, you’ll find numerous enticing offers below. So, explore these Binance promo code deals and start saving now!

Verified Staff Pick


Pay with BNB, Get a Discount

Take advantage of this Binance referral link & receive a 25% discount on Binance trading fees when paying with BNB. Activate the deal now!

Expiration date: 13/01/2024
3280 People Used
Only 20 Left
Verified Staff Pick


Binance Christmas Sale

Sign up on Binance and claim up to $600 worth of rewards for completing simple tasks during this Binance Christmas sale. Use our Binance referral code (49316610) to activate the offer while it's still valid!

Expiration date: 13/01/2024
2935 People Used
Only 67 Left
Verified Staff Pick


Exclusive Binance Referral Code

Don't miss this limited-time deal that's only available for our readers. Use the Binance referral code 49316610 & receive up to $600 in rewards and bonuses!

Expiration date: 13/01/2024
7847 People Used
Only 49 Left


Claim Your Binance Rewards

Use this Binance referral code link, create an account, and earn up to 100 USDT in rewards. Don't waste your time - register now!

Expiration date: 12/01/2024
3261 People Used
Only 43 Left


Earn by Learning

Embrace the journey of learning and earning with Binance Academy. Use this Binance promo code link to get exclusive course access and special rewards to supercharge your progress!

Expiration date: 13/01/2024
2164 People Used
Only 32 Left
Verified Staff Pick


Sharing is Earning

Refer a friend to Binance and get a stellar 100 USDT trading fee rebate each! It's a win-win deal – boost your trading power together.

Expiration date: 16/01/2024
2361 People Used
Only 42 Left

$500,000 REWARD POOL

Special BTC Halving Deal

Follow this Binance referral link, use the Auto-Invest feature, and get access to Binance's $500,000 reward pool full of BTC token vouchers and other exclusive prizes. Hurry up before the Bitcoin halving occurs!

Expiration date: 15/01/2024
6281 People Used
Only 51 Left

Recently Added Binance Discount Codes & Deals

Browse the most popular collection of Binance coupon codes & find the best discounts. Here’s a log of the latest offers:

Discount Description Last Tested Expires
25% OFF TRADING FEES Pay with BNB, Get a Discount 07/01/2024 13/01/2024
SECURE $600 BONUS Binance Christmas Sale 08/01/2024 13/01/2024
CLAIM $600 REWARD Exclusive Binance Referral Code 08/01/2024 13/01/2024
EARN UP TO 100 USDT Claim Your Binance Rewards 08/01/2024 12/01/2024
GET FREE CRYPTO Earn by Learning 09/01/2024 13/01/2024
GET 100 USDT Sharing is Earning 08/01/2024 16/01/2024
$500,000 REWARD POOL Special BTC Halving Deal 08/01/2024 15/01/2024

Expired Binance Coupons

Here’s the log of our detected expired Binance coupon codes.



With Binance Referral Code

Get a 10% lifetime cash-back deal for all trading fees when signing up on Binance with this referral code. Offer is valid for new customers only!

1,876 People Used
Only 24 Left
Rating 4.9 
Verified Staff Pick


All Fees When Buying With Visa/MasterCard

Now it's a perfect time to purchase cryptocurrencies at Binance because you'll get 50% off all fees when using Visa or MasterCard for your purchase.

989 People Used
Only 11 Left
Rating 4.9 
Verified Staff Pick


Binance Black Friday

Head to Binance now & save up to 20% on your trading fees. Take advantage of this Binance Black Friday deal now!

2,847 People Used
Only 54 Left
Rating 5.0 
Verified Staff Pick


Binance Black Friday Deal

If you're new to Binance, great news - this Binance Black Friday period, you can earn up to $600 in rewards. Sign up, use the code 49316610, and start earning now!

2,817 People Used
Only 46 Left
Rating 5.0 


Limited-Time Binance Pay Offer

Get a Cardrypto crypto card for just $0.01 on Binance Marketplace, top it up using Binance Pay, and get 100 ACH in rewards. Use this Binance promo code link to activate the deal!

4,523 People Used
Only 37 Left
Rating 5.0 


Binance Cyber Monday

Attention new Binance users: this Cyber Monday, you can score up to $600 in rewards by completing special tasks. Activate this amazing Binance Cyber Monday deal using the code – 49316610!

6,127 People Used
Only 16 Left
Rating 5.0 

Why Use Binance Referral Code (49316610)?

Binance is a global cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017 by Changpeng Zhao (also known as CZ). It has become one of the largest and most popular exchanges in the world as it not only allows to buy, sell, and trade a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, but also provides users with a vast selection of other features.

The exchange puts a strong emphasis on security, but it’s not the only thing Binance is known for. It also boasts a huge selection of crypto assets, high trading volume, and some of the lowest fees on the market. Besides, it has its own native token called Binance Coin (BNB), which can be used for various purposes within the Binance ecosystem.

Now, if you use our Binance referral code (49316610) when signing up, you'll be able to get various discounts and bonuses on Binance's features, which will make your journey in the crypto world even better. Speaking of features, while there are a lot (and I really do mean A LOT), some of the most popular ones include:

Binance Features You Can Save On

  • Buy Crypto. Crypto on- / off-ramp that allows users to buy and sell crypto using a huge variety of fiat currencies and various payment methods, including debit / credit cards, bank transfers, third-party payment channels, and so on.
  • Multiple Trading Options. Apart from the usual spot trading, Binance also offers various other options, including margin trading, futures trading, P2P trading, and API trading.
  • Trading Bots. The exchange provides a selection of trading bots that allow you to automate your trading.
  • Binance Earn. You can find more than one way to earn on Binance, including staking, yield farming, and earning while learning about crypto.
  • NFT Marketplace. This marketplace offers a space where you can mint, sell, and trade your NFTs.
  • Fan Tokens. Binance provides users with a fan token marketplace for all sports fans and a fan token launchpad for sports teams.

Don’t forget though, these are just a few of many features, Binance also offers loans, a launchpad, a mining pool, and so on. Thus, it's a platform for everyone –  individuals, institutions, and new projects.

How to Apply Binance Referral Code?

It’s very easy to use our Binance referral code. Simply put, you just need to follow the referral link, create an account, and claim your deal. Put in more detail, though:

Step 1: Choose the deal you want to activate and click on the “Get Deal” button. You’ll be taken to Binance.

Binance referral code:

Step 2: Now, it’s time to sign up. You can do that either using an email or a phone number. The Binance referral code will be applied automatically. If not, fill it in manually - 49316610.

Binance referral code: sign up window.

Once you fill in your email, you’ll have to verify it. Then, just create a password, and you’ll be all set.

Step 3: After creating an account, you’ll be taken to your dashboard.

Binance referral code: user dashboard.

To get your reward, make sure to complete the necessary tasks, be it verifying your account, depositing money, or making your first trade.

What to Do if the Code Doesn’t Work?

If you’ve tried using our Binance referral code, but didn’t get the deal it offers, make sure to check a few things:

  • Are you a new user? Referral codes are only valid for new users. So, if you already have an account, you should create a new one using another email address.
  • Did you use any other referral codes? You can only use one referral code per account. If you did use one already, our Binance referral code won’t apply.
  • Are you sure there are no typos? Even though we provide a Binance referral link so you don’t have to fill in the code by hand, sometimes issues occur and prompt users to fill it in manually. If this was the case, make sure you didn’t miss any numbers or add unnecessary ones. Again, the code is 49316610.
  • Are you eligible for the deal? Some deals might have specific conditions or tasks. For example, they could be country-based, or you might only be able to claim the reward after doing a specific task (like buying a certain currency or making a specific trade). Thus, make sure you fit all the requirements.

If you've checked all of the above and didn't find a solution, one more thing you can do is contact Binance's customer support.

Why Choose BitDegree's Referral Code (49316610)?

When it comes to Binance referral codes, the options seem endless. So, why should you opt for ours? Well, at BitDegree, we make it our mission to deliver nothing but the finest and most exclusive offers.

What does this mean for you? It means that every Binance referral code deal you discover here is not only handpicked with precision but also rigorously authenticated and confirmed. With us, there's no room for misleading or subpar deals.

Thus, bid farewell to the usual guesswork involved in deal hunting and welcome the best offers with our Binance referral code.

Exceptional Binance Referral Code Deals

When looking for Binance referral code deals, you might get lost in the abundance of them. After all, there are quite a few available, so which are the best ones? To help you figure this out, let me introduce to you some of the most popular Binance promo code offers, so you can easily choose which is the most worthy for you.

Lifetime Discounts

Lifetime Discounts

We get excited when we see that our favorite products are on discount, don’t we? Just think how appealing it would be to get a lifetime discount! You might come across Binance referral codes that could provide you with such an offer! Such coupons are very rare, so if you find one, do not hesitate to use it.

Commission Cashback

Commission Cashback

Would you like to buy crypto and then you get back more than you spent? Doesn’t it sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t, as you might come across this kind of promo code. If you get a chance to use this Binance referral code, make sure to do that. There's no need to say that the benefits are undeniable.

Special Rewards

Special Rewards

Sounds mysterious, what kind of rewards can you get? Is it freebies or is it Binance merch? Actually it won’t likely be it. The most probable reward will be getting free cryptocurrencies when purchasing a specific amount of coins. However, since such deals are very limited - don’t hesitate to use it.

Percentage-Based Discounts on Trading Fees

Percentage-Based Discounts on Trading Fees

Using this Binance promo code you can get a discount on your purchase. The discounts may be up to 50% on trading fees, so don’t waste this opportunity to save some cash while investing in cryptocurrencies. This deal is quite extraordinary, as exchange fees can cost a lot. Don’t miss out on this deal!


Which Binance referral code is the best?

There are quite a few Binance referral code deals offered. Some of your choices may include lifetime discounts, freebies, commission cashback, and percentage-based discounts. All of these offers may sound appealing but it is often the case that you can only choose one, and you have to choose wisely. Since every offer has great benefits, consider all the pros and cons and decide which one is best for you.

Is Binance any good?

Yes, you can ask the millions of people who choose to use Binance and they would confirm it. It offers low trading fees, supports multiple cryptocurrencies, and is easy to use. However, keep in mind that some say it’s not the best option for newbies who do not have much experience in trading crypto. You might have to spend more time learning about all the intricacies of the website before you can trade successfully. If you want to take advantage of all the perks that Binance is offering, you shouldn’t forget to apply our Binance referral code (49316610).

What to do if the code is not working?

If you find that the Binance referral code did not function as expected, start by confirming that you meet the specific eligibility criteria associated with the code. Besides that, if you’ve typed in the code manually (which is the least likely if you used our Binance referral link), ensure that you made no mistakes.

How to apply Binance referral code?

Using BitDegree’s Binance referral code (49316610) takes only a few steps. You just need to click on the deal you want to use, register, and complete the necessary tasks (if any). Once you click on the deal, you’ll be taken to the registration page, where the referral code will be applied automatically. If not, fill it in manually.

Can I use more than one referral code?

No, you cannot use more than one referral code. If you have previously applied a different referral code, the BitDegree referral code deal won't be applicable. This could serve as an additional explanation for why the code might not be functioning as expected. It's essential to ensure that only one referral code is used per account to fully avail of the associated benefits.

Can I use a referral code on an already existing account?

No, Binance referral codes can only be used during the creation of a new account. If you happen to come across an exceptionally enticing deal but already possess an existing Binance account, the only way to activate the deal is by creating a new account. This stipulation ensures that the referral system is optimized for new user acquisition, encouraging a seamless and straightforward process for those entering the Binance ecosystem for the first time.



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